Previous shows

2015 The Gondoliers 1992 Princess Ida
2014 The Pirates of Penzance 1991 HMS Pinafore
2013 Patience 1990 The Sorcerer
2012 Princess Ida (concert version) 1989 The Pirates of Penzance
Iolanthe 1988 The Gondoliers
2011 The Mikado (40th anniversary) 1987 Ruddigore
2010 The Sorcerer 1986 The Mikado
2009 The Yeomen of the Guard 1985 Iolanthe
2008 HMS Pinafore 1984 Utopia Limited
2007 The Gondoliers 1983 The Yeomen of the Guard
2006 The Pirates of Penzance 1982 The Pirates of Penzance
2005 Ruddigore 1981 Patience
2004 The Mikado 1980 The Gondoliers
2003 Iolanthe 1979 Princess Ida
2002 The Yeomen of the Guard 1978 The Mikado
2001 The Sorcerer 1977 Annie Protheroe
2000 La Vie Parisienne HMS Pinafore
1999 The Gondoliers 1976 The Sorcerer
1998 Patience 1975 Iolanthe
1997 The Pirates of Penzance 1974 Trial By Jury
1996 The Merry Widow The Pirates of Penzance
1995 The Mikado 1973 The Gondoliers
1994 Die Fledermaus 1972 The Yeomen of the Guard
1993 The Yeomen of the Guard 1971 The Mikado


Last show

Ruddigore 2017


You’ll be sorry that you missed our recent production of Ruddigore  at the Carnegie Hall, but we’ll be back with more G&S soon!
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