This section of our website is arranged in five categories:

The show archive

Our archive is mostly on paper and in people’s memories and video/DVD copies, but we have tried from time to time to create pages of general interest relating to specific shows. You’ll find these linked to the individual productions on the Previous shows page. They are also visible on the drop-down menu under Archive, as indeed are any sub-pages.

To make more room on archive pages, we’ve removed the sidebars, but you can easily navigate this section using the “breadcrumb” trail at the top of the page. The example below is from the “Moving times for the Society!” sub-page, where the links take you progressively to the show archive, the Previous shows list, the Archive page and right back to our Home page!

Browse: Home / Archive / Previous shows / 1977: HMS Pinafore / Moving times for the Society!

We’re gradually adding to the archive, but scanning and ‘Photoshopping’ photos and newspaper articles, selecting and extracting images from DVDs, and adding captions is a major time commitment. If doing this is something that appeals to you, do please offer your services to the Chairman or webmaster!

Meet the stars

One of the features that Fiona Vallance devised for our first website was “Meet the Stars”, a collection of pages written by our principals. This proved popular, and has been continued, though sadly some of those who have contributed have since died and moved to our “In memoriam” page.

In memoriam

Following on from “Meet the Stars”, we acknowledge the contribution of loyal members, both principals and chorus, who once played their part in making our Society what it is today.

Our history

We’ve reproduced the short history of our Society that appeared on our first website in 2006! If anyone would care to provide an update, a longer description of the process, or stories about the Society – such as the fire that disrupted one final performance, which is no longer on the Carnegie Hall website – that would be very much appreciated.

A posts archive

Only the most recent posts appear on our Home, Members and What’s on pages, but all posts (except any that have been deliberately deleted) can be found in this archive. Bear in mind, however, that the development of the new site started during April 2014, and posts with an earlier date-stamp are only selected posts from our archive.

Next appearance

Our summer concerts will be on 20/21 September 2024, and your next chance to see the Society on stage at Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline will be on 13–15 February 2025.

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