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George first sang with Dunfermline G&S in 1975 and performed many roles with the Society until 1983, including the Mikado, the Pirate King, Don Alhambra, Wilfred Shadbolt and Florian. He rejoined the Company for the 2006 production of The Pirates of Penzance with his wife Mary, whom he had originally met at the Society, and two of their four children, Amy and David. George served as Chairman of the Society from 2009 until 2017.

George has always been enthusiastic about G&S and formed his own company called Opera Forth to perform Bill and Arthur at the 1978 Edinburgh Festival Fringe and in 2008 sang the part of Bill Bobstay in our own HMS Pinafore. In 2009 George put on Yeoman’s attire to sing the principal role of Sergeant Meryll in The Yeomen of the Guard, and in 2010 he took the part of Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre in The Sorcerer. In 2011 George played the title role in The Mikado, followed a year later by Private Willis in Iolanthe. George was then promoted from the rank of private to play the part of Colonel Calverley in Patience, followed by the Sergeant in The Pirates of Penzance, Don Alhambra, the Grand Inquisitor in The Gondoliers and, in 2016, William Shadbolt in The Yeomen of the Guard. Last year George enjoyed playing Old Adam in Ruddigore and is looking forward to playing something other than the title role this year.

[from the 2018 programme]

Appearances with Dunfermline Gilbert & Sullivan Society

2021Zoom MikadoThe Mikado of Japan
2018The MikadoPooh-Bah
2017RuddigoreOld Adam Goodheart
2016The Yeomen of the GuardWilfred Shadbolt
2015The GondoliersDon Alhambra del Bolero
2014The Pirates of PenzanceSergeant of Police
2013PatienceColonel Calverley
2012Princess IdaArac
2012IolanthePrivate Willis
2011The MikadoThe Mikado of Japan
2010Trial by JuryUsher
2010The SorcererSir Marmaduke Pointdextre
2009The Yeomen of the GuardSergeant Meryll
2008HMS PinaforeBill Bobstay (Boatswain’s Mate)
2007The GondoliersAntonio
2006The Pirates of PenzanceChorus
1983The Yeomen of the GuardWilfred Shadbolt
1982The Pirates of PenzanceThe Pirate King
1980The GondoliersDon Alhambra del Bolero
1979Princess IdaFlorian
1978The MikadoThe Mikado
1977HMS PinaforeChorus
1976The SorcererChorus

Next appearance

Your next chance to see the Society on stage at Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline will be on 13–15 February 2025 for the première run of The Jury’s Out.

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