1991: HMS Pinafore

Earlier days

As you will see from our list of previous productions, HMS Pinafore was the Society’s main show in 1977 and 1991, though we performed it in a day in 1998, so it was long overdue for an airing. Last time we had a really impressive crew … which of them can you recognise? [If your “little grey cells” aren’t functioning too well, there’s a crib on this page!]


And we had a strong cast of principals – Derek Bamber, Sid Jane, Rob Barlow and Andrew Sim (back row); John Greer Spence, Barbara Stewart, Mary Oliver, Kate Grue and Bob Headden (front row):


If you look at the programme (this link is to a PDF print), you’ll find that some of the same crew have weathered many storms since and are appearing again in this year’s show. Others are (thankfully!) newer and younger.

In those days we used to get more coverage in the Dunfermline Press, as you will see at this link.

And for those of you who need help in remembering how the Carnegie Hall seating used to be arranged, and what the ticket prices were, this link is to the flier we used for the show.