Concert cancellation

Hopefully you will have received this email from George:

As you will have heard, the Forth Road Bridge is closed completely at least for 24 hours.  Having considered all the consequences, options and alternatives in this exceptional situation, the decision has been taken to call off our concert in Clermiston.

It’s most unfortunate, and not the kind of thing we normally do, but the alternatives are not realistic.  (The Kincardine Bridge route might work for getting home, but it’s likely to be under tremendous pressure at the time of going.  This week it’s been backed up to Crombie at times, with the Forth Bridge still half-open. And Clermiston by train would mean a good walk and a fifteen minute bus trip at the other end.  It may be possible (for some)  going, but much more difficult to get back.)  This may be a postponement rather than a cancellation, that remains to be seen.

We will regroup on Saturday evening for the concert in Holy Name (Oakley) as planned.

Next appearance

Princess Ida 2022

Our 2022 show in the Carnegie Hall will be a semi-staged version of Princess Ida on a revised date to be announced: see this post.

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