Cast for 2019 production of The Sorcerer

 Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre
(an Elderly Baronet)
Robin Ożóg 
(of the Grenadier Guards, his Son)
Neil French
Dr Daly
(Vicar of Ploverleigh)
Ross Main
NotaryJack Archibald
John Wellington Wells
(of J. Wells & Co., Family Sorcerers)
Nathan Dicks
Lady Sangazure
(a Lady of Ancient Lineage)
Liz Landsman
(her Daughter – betrothed to Alexis)
Louise Thomson
Mrs Partlet
(a Pew Opener)
Jan Renton
(her Daughter)
Fiona Main

The list above follows the list of Dramatis Personæ in the score – so it follows neither the scope of the role or the sequence in which characters appear. Gilbert’s practice seems to have been men first, ladies second, with each group listed in order of social status. JWW, being ‘in trade’, naturally comes at the end of the gentlemen!

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The Pirates of Penzance 2022

Although we plan to present a concert version of The Mikado in 2021, our next show on stage in the Carnegie Hall will be The Pirates of Penzance from Thursday to Saturday 17–19 February 2022!

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