Photo-call and costume fittings

Everyone gets their photo in our programmes, and we’ll be re-using the ones from last year’s prize-winning Gondoliers programme. If we don’t have a suitable photo of you, you should already have had an email about the photo-call at 7.00pm next Wednesday (13 January). If you really hate the way you appeared last year, or have greatly changed in appearance since(!), feel free to email Mike and turn up on the night suitable coiffed!

The schedules for costume fittings will soon be available for you to sign up: Ladies on Thursday 18 February; Gentlemen on Friday 19 February; both at Rosyth Methodist Church (directions at this link) – use the back door from the car park.

Next appearance

We hope to announce a summer concert shortly, but your next chance to see the Society on stage at Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline will be on 20–22 February 2025.

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