Some positive feedback

“Really enjoyed the show yesterday – the scenery was lovely and the music and singing a delight.” “Please pass on our thanks to the cast for all their hard work in making this a success.” The same long-term regular member of the Society’s audience also said that she hadn’t remembered seeing the show before, though your webmaster knew differently, having sold the ticket! The reason is almost certainly the fresh way in which The Sorcerer was presented in this production, in no small part due to the transformation of the chorus into realistic 1920s individuals, each with a part to play. Such was the extent of the stage magic (for which read imagination, hard work, attention to detail and characterization) that brought this about that our Honorary President struggled to identify more than three or four of the cast, though she has known many more of you for years!

So give yourselves an extra round of applause, especially those who came into the show towards the end of rehearsals: Susan Reid made it into the programme, but Sinead Black’s substitution for Marion Kelly as Miss Marple regrettable didn’t. Neither did Gordon Horne of EDGAS, stepping in for George Shand as Sherlock Holmes within a few weeks of opening night, a feat that rightly earned him the “Lord High Substitute” Frank award, wittily presented in the bar after the final curtain by the inimitable Robin Ożóg!

Next appearance

Your next chance to see the Society on stage at Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline will be on 13–15 February 2025 for the première run of The Jury’s Out.

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