Wednesday 9 December

Willie has asked me to let everyone know that there will not be a chorus rehearsal for the Christmas Concert tomorrow (9 December). However, there will be small group/solo rehearsal opportunities for those who want.

If, in view of the bridge situation, you’re uncertain about coming for the Yeomen rehearsal at 7:30pm, you’ll be pleased to hear that last night’s principal rehearsal went ahead as planned, with almost everyone there. Our gallant Edinburgh cast members braved the train, those from Stirling and Falkirk coped with the road diversions, and we had an enjoyable time. All we need for the Act 1 finale tomorrow is for you all to remember that you may need to start out earlier in order to be on parade on time!

Next appearance

Princess Ida 2022

Our next show in the Carnegie Hall will be a semi-staged version of Princess Ida on Saturday 19 February 2022!

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