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Working towards a magical evening!

Potions and sorcery! Necromancy and magic! Romance, betrayal, confusion! Music, lights, action! Dunfermline Gilbert and Sullivan Society are back with Gilbert’s wit, Sullivan’s singable tunes and a little bit of sparkle in a 20’s-themed production of The Sorcerer.

This year, we are excited to welcome Fiona Main, who has sung soprano leads for the company in the past, in dual roles as our imaginative Artistic Director, and playing the part of Constance. Her husband Ross is the lonely cleric Dr Daly.

The talented cast includes popular company favourites Robin Ożóg as Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre and Liz Landsman as Lady Sangazure. Our own Jack Archibald joins them as the Notary in his second principal role. We also introduce several experienced performers new to our company. The Sorcerer himself, John Wellington Wells, Esq., will be played by Nathan Dicks. Nathan is a stalwart of Edinburgh G and S and other Edinburgh companies. Jan Renton, also from EDGASS, joins us as Mrs Parlett. We’re lucky to have superb young soprano Louise Thomson as our heroine Aline, with Neil French as her fiancé Alexis.

Eddie MacLennan returns as Musical Director leading orchestra, principals and magical chorus!

See our full cast details with its links to ‘Meet the Stars’. Come out of the February gloom and let us light up a couple of hours at the Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline, from Thursday to Saturday 21–23 February 2019.

When the boat came in!

Her Majesty’s Ship Pinafore duly set sail on Friday 22 June at St Margaret’s RC Memorial Church, East Port, Dunfermline, with our maestro Willie Campbell leading and accompanist Janet Barbour working harder than anyone to make the evening a musical success. Little Buttercup was there to welcome aboard both the crew and all Sir Joseph’s female relatives, and the church was pleasantly full of both singing and non-singing members of the audience. Grateful thanks to all those who contributed to the evening’s fun.

At the end of the evening, Joy Campbell presented a scrapbook of photographic memories to Mike Pendlowski to mark his retirement as our long-serving Production Manager, after 45 years of involvement with the Society.

If you took any photographs of the evening, or you would like to report on the sing-along from an audience perspective, do please email your webmaster

Goodbye Titipu!

So that’s the last we’ll see of Titipu until the performers get the DVD that Dave took. If you came to the show, you’ll know how much fun it was for everyone: if you didn’t manage to get there, you’ll have to make do with a look at the web version of the programme. [File size limitations mean that images aren’t as sharp as we’d like, so there’s a higher-definition version of the content pages at this link.] Eventually there’ll also be material linked to our programme archive page.

In her introduction to the programme, our Director Rae Lamond said :“What I like to do with Gilbert & Sullivan is try to showcase the continued relevance of the satire inherent in Gilbert’s words by tuning them in to modern sensibilities. The time and the place are largely beside the point, the machinations of small town politics ring as true today as they did in 1885. Our Mikado remains respectful of the legacy of Gilbert & Sullivan – but there may be a tweak or two that you might not expect.”

One of those ‘tweaks’ was the casting of Robin Ożóg as Katisha and Susanne Horsburgh as Ko-Ko – the reverse of what the audience expected, until the blocks parted to reveal our choice of Lord High Executioner! This swap was deliberately kept secret, with no conventional cast list on website or programme, and our cast are to be congratulated on keeping mum. And it worked, as you’ll see from the NODA show report.

Next appearance

Sorcerer 2019

Save the date – we’ll be on stage at Carnegie from 21–23 February 2019 with our production of The Sorcerer.

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