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For reasons that we explain in this post, our next appearance on stage will be a semi-staged production of Princess Ida, which will be performed on Saturday 19 February 2022, we hope at the Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline.

Willie Campbell (left) will be our MD, and the production will be directed by Rae Lamond (right). We know from Rae’s 2012 concert version of Princess Ida how much she can achieve with limited resources but limitless vision and originality! Piano will take the place of orchestra, and there won’t be hired scenery, but there will be appropriately-themed costumes supplied by members, and we’ll have as much of John Allen’s legendary lighting as the venue allows.

Despite the ongoing and uncertain COVID-19 situation, we’re now able to meet in person, though socially-distanced, and we’ve been rehearsing the show in our new home at Limekilns Parish Church since September. We have a full cast of principals, both well-kent faces and fresh voices from across the Forth, and a number of new chorus members – the sound is amazing!

Princess Ida isn’t a particularly well-known opera, though it’s deservedly popular with G&S aficionados, and not often performed because its three acts and three sets make it expensive to stage. However, it does have some of the best music that Sullivan wrote for the Savoy Theatre, and some excellent Gilbertian dialogue. The opera is a satire on the Women’s Rights Movement, which was one of the most disturbing and absorbing questions at the time – and a topic that is just as current today.


Next appearance

Princess Ida 2022

Our next show in the Carnegie Hall will be a semi-staged version of Princess Ida on Friday/Saturday 18-19 February 2022!

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