1991 Pinafore cast


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Mary Kidd has kindly provided the following lists:

Ladies (red)Gentlemen (yellow)
1Barbara StewartDerek Bamber
2Mary KiddRob Barlow
3Carol LoveridgeBob Headden
4Anne PeacockSid Jane
5Mary NetleyJohn Greer-Spencer
6Kate GrueRoger Clifton
7Sandra BamberAlan Stewart
8Janie SimPeter Hutchings
9Mary OliverStan Cartmell
10Lindsey SuttonNick Queripel
11Elspeth SmithDon Higham
12Angela HendersonLen Harvey
13Ann DulyBill Tulloch
14Doreen JaneGeoff Strong
15Betty WrightPeter McMullan
16Eileen HutchingsBill Smith
17Eunice DiverJohn Parfitt
18Marion GledhillJim Taylor
19Fiona Wright
20Marion Kelly
21Alison Allan
22Beryl Butcher
23Chris Hutton

And did you notice the gentleman with no number? Andrew Sim didn’t have a crew number because as Captain Corcoran he technically isn’t a member of the crew (at least that’s the web-master’s excuse!)

Mary also pointed out that the 2008 cast includes only three of the 1991 crew, Marion Kelly, Mary Kidd, and Geoff Strong. Well done those guys!