If you missed Iolanthe

We look forward to returning to the Carnegie Hall on 13–15 February 2025 with another sparkling production and hope to see you there!

Following the success of Iolanthe, our next show is The Jury’s Out, a different take on G&S created by our own Linda D Milne. Take a look at the flier at this link … further details will be under wraps until the show, but we can assure you that they’re exciting.

If joining us on stage appeals, then book the afternoon of Sunday 19 May, and join us for the workshop at Limekilns, when all will be revealed, and you’ll be able to release the inner Thespian! To register an interest, please drop Ellen an email.

Next appearance

Your next chance to see the Society on stage at Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline will be on 13–15 February 2025 for the première run of The Jury’s Out.

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