Ode to the Gondoliers

Every February come rain, hail or snow, Dunfermline G&S put on a show.
This year they deliver the glorious Gondoliers,
Guaranteed to have the crowds, full of roars and cheers!

In every show, the company have to adopt particular poses,
This year they have to do it while spelling words with roses!
The ladies look so elegant, in their bonnets and their bows,
While Carol’s choreography, keeps them on their toes!

The gentlemen gondolieri pull off some cunning stunts,
As they gently guide their gondolas, armed with 12 foot punts!
The Dunfermline Press gave us the best coverage in ages,
With Douglas as our poster boy in the centre pages!

Peter’s production is so calm, he never shouts or harangues,
While Eddie coaxes harmonies and ensures the cymbal clangs!
George as Don Alhambra, wields his giant stick,
While the chorus are backstage, changing double quick!

Meantime Lyn and I dispense safety pins and feathers,
In between there’s tea and cakes and lots of laughs and blethers!

Claire and Susie star as the lovely Gianetta and Tess,
Proving choosing partners by blindfold, can lead to marital distress.
Ross and Scott are borne away as a pair of potential kings,
While Mike and all the stage crew prepare stuff from the wings.

Casilda falls for Luiz, when she sees him blow his trumpet,
But finds she is betrothed to be some foreign Prince’s crumpet!
Robin as the dashing duke has done the show so many times,
He can even contribute his own array of rhymes!

While Liz is our “Duchess” in her fabulous frock and fan,
Fiona is delighted to finally marry her drummer man!
Poor Janie as Inez, ends up chained up in distress,
Looking like she’s going for “50 Shades of G&S”!

Closing any show is always terribly hard,
But you’ll all be back next year in “The Yeomen of the Guard”!

Kerry Black – 13 February 2015

Next appearance

Your next chance to see the Society on stage at Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline will be on 13–15 February 2025 for the première run of The Jury’s Out.

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