Something sociable!

Apart from the concert and show dates, plans are afoot for three social activities:

  • On Saturday 16 September at 5:00pm, a pre-concert meal at the Bruce Hotel, Limekilns for participants and friends. Book with Jack Archibald soon!
  • On Friday 8 December, at 6:30pm for 7:00pm, our usual Christmas Night Out at the Pitbauchlie House Hotel. Sign-up sheets at rehearsals.
  • A re-run of our successful Anniversary Tea on Sunday 21 April 2024. Note that this time it won’t be on the Saturday because other exciting things are planned for that weekend – details to follow!

And don’t forget to check with Ian Anderson to pick your number(s) and register your interest in the Bonus Ball competition. Only £1/week for each number for a bit of fun and a potential £20 win, and last year Ian made £300 for Society funds.

Next appearance

Your next chance to see the Society on stage at Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline will be on 13–15 February 2025 for the première run of The Jury’s Out.

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