NODA Long Service Awards

As a member of NODA Scotland it is our practice to give NODA awards to members when they reach certain milestones in their lives as amateur society members in any capacity.

The slide-shows below were made from the presentation photos: hovering your mouse over the image area will pause the autoplay, or you can select a frame from the film-strip at the bottom.

Covid having intervened, no NODA awards could be presented until 2023, when the presentation by Stuart McCue-Dick, Councillor for NODA (Scotland) took place at our 50th Anniversary tea, with what must surely be a record number of awards collected. The final award to Robin Ożóg was not for long service as such (Robin had already received his 50 year award) but a special award recognising the major contribution he has made to our Society since its foundation.

After the matinée performance on Saturday 22 February 2020, NODA awards were presented on-stage by Stuart McCue-Dick, Councillor for NODA (Scotland), with Dorothy Johnstone and Mike Pendlowski also representing NODA.

2019 saw just one presentation by Dorothy Johnstone, who gave Shan Edgar (fetchingly attired in her costume as Colleen Moore!) her ten-year medal.

After the 2018 show on the Saturday afternoon, NODA awards were presented on-stage by Dorothy Johnstone, Regional Representative for District 6 (Edinburgh area), who recalled playing Yum-Yum in our very first Mikado production way back in 1971!

After the 2017 show on the Friday evening, the on-stage presentation of long service awards to four of our members was made by Elizabeth Donald, Regional Representative for District 3 (Falkirk area).

After the Saturday matinée of the 2016 show, six of our members received their awards from Dorothy Johnstone, the Regional Rep for District 6.

From left to right (stage right to stage left!), the award winners were:

Marion Kelly: 25 year Long Service Medal; Jennifer Williams: 20 year Badge
George Alexander: 20 year Badge; Michael Reay: 10 year Badge
Anne Dolbear: 20 year Badge; Val McManus: 15 year Badge

After the 2015 show on the Thursday evening, the on-stage presentation of long service awards to four of our members was made by John Barnes, the NODA National President for 2014-2015. A singular honour to have John with us, all the way from Southampton.

In 2014  Bob Cockburn was awarded a 20 year Badge.

After the 2013 show on the Thursday evening, Gordon T Blackburn, Councillor for NODA Scotland, and a regular supporter of our Society, came on stage to present long service awards to what must surely have been a record number of our members. [John Allen was also awarded a 10 year Badge, but was too modest to appear on stage!] Particular mention must be made of that rare honour indeed, a 50 year Gold Bar awarded to Colin Stubbs.

Next appearance

Your next chance to see the Society on stage at Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline will be on 13–15 February 2025 for the première run of The Jury’s Out.

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