What NODA thought …

Susan Kennedy, Regional Representative for District SC10, attended our Saturday matinée and reported on behalf of NODA:

As my first visit to Dunfermline to review a show this proved to be an enjoyable experience.

Although G&S this show had a modern feel and setting. The concept of a village hall and its users along with a group of dancers made it pertinent to today. Do you believe in Fairies? I certainly do! Combined with dialogue adapted to events of the time and modern dress the whole worked well. This is a funny story and was played with an emphasis on humour. Although dialogue and setting were adapted the music and singing were pure G&S.

I felt that the singing was of an excellent standard. All the principals were strong with many exceptional solos, duets and trios all performed within character. The chorus certainly handled the harmonies with style and complemented the principals. Well done to all, the band and your musical director, Eddie.

The group of dancers added a new dimension and were cleverly used more than once in Act 1. This was a clever production, carefully thought out to maximise impact without complicated set changes and furniture shifting with costume changes on stage. Well done Michael.

The experience was completed by the front of house staff set up as the W.I. of Thanolie selling raffle tickets and home-made goodies.

Thank you all for your hospitality.



Next appearance

Your next chance to see the Society on stage at Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline will be on 13–15 February 2025 for the première run of The Jury’s Out.

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